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 First, if you only enjoy NL Hold 'em, you might want to think twice on this version. Imagine WSOP '05 with more pro's, more games, limit, HORSE, Razz, Stud too. It's a tough game if you play properly, if you play it like an arcade game, you will either excel or get very bored. Now if you like the other poker variations, then pick this up. The AI is much tougher than last years game, and the play seems more like a casino table than previous versions.  The online aspect of the game is where serious players are going to love '08... There are stats. All the things most poker players love deep down inside, the numbers. You can have multi table tournaments, so you can essentially use this as a trainer for that weekend trip to the card room. Cash Games, SnG's, all the things you find online. You do get a lot of donk play, so don't be surprised with the suck-outs. But the overall o...

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