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  Product Description   5 pounds of milk chocolate, as gold coins. Wonderful units are 1.5" in diameter, and the chocolate is melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Great for adding flair to your dinner party, poker night, Pirate theme, or birthday event. Product Features Delicious wholesale milk chocolate coins Great for weddings and Vegas themed parties Kosher Orthodox Union Dairy, of course Insulated container and freezer pack included with every order.  ...

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Product Description   This 5 lb. bag of Poker Casino Chips is sure to be a hit at your next party. The poker chips look real, though made of chocolate. Actually, they are aluminium covered milk chocolate. But if you are worried about cigar smoke, let me put your mind at ease -- the smoke will not penetrate the aluminium skin of these poker chips, so they will continue to taste delicious and chocolaty through the whole evening.   Product Features Great tasting Milk Chocolate Kosher OU-D 4 different denominations Great for playing poker Delicious European milk chocolate  ...

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  Product Description   Really good imported Belgian chocolate poker chips, foil wrapped, in many denominations, and ready to play! Product Features A bag of wonderful chocolate poker chips Kosher OU-D Great for playing poker, betting, and gambling Even better for eating! ...

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