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 Product Description Show the world how good you are at Texas Hold'em Poker. Choose the winning hand in a given random Poker hand situation.  You will see a random hand with 3-8 players and a random hand state (flop / turn). You have to use your Texas Holdem Poker skills to estimate which is the best hand at this given points. Your score is affected by the difficulty and chances (odds) of the winning hand. Features: • Unique game for Texas Holdem Poker gamers! • Be the Poker Calculator - Choose the winning hand in a random Poker game • Shows you the odds of all hands so you can learn and get better at the game while playing! • Global Leaderboards - Show the world how good you are! • Many achievements! • Completely free! • Massive hit on the Market Do you like playing on Zynga Poker, Dragon play texas hold em live poker pro and...

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